10 Amazing Travel Apps you Haven’t Heard Of

Every so often I’m introduced to a new product on the market – a new app, a new book, a new guide, all new. Its so fast paced that I often find I can’t keep up. Thus you have to show me something pretty damn groovy for it to catch my attention. Luckily there are some crazy talented people. Here are 10 Amazing Travel Apps that have caught my attention recently – trust me, they’re AH-MAZ-ING!


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1. Tripit

Travel organizer.

The tripit app links with your email and makes it seamless for you to collate all of your information in one place. Flights, hotels, dinner reservations, tours, you name it. Oh and its free. Yes, FREE!

2. Postagram

Postcard Delivery App.

How does it work? You take a photo, type in an address, and postagram prints out the postcard for you then mails it out to the address provided. Ah-mazing. The App is free, postcards are $0.99 a pop.

3. Wikitude

Travel Guide.

An app that allows you to point your camera at an icon and in return it tells you what it is, why its there, when it was built…. Yep, this is next level tech-amazingness. Also FREE.

4. Allsubway

Subway Maps.

With Subway maps for 137 of the world’s most visited cities, this is one app I couldn’t live without. It will set you back $1.29.

5. Trailhead by North Face

Outdoor Activity Finder.

This app uses your location to source nearby outdoor activities for you. It will also track your distance, speed, etc. Pretty nifty if you’re an adventurer!

6. Trip Journal

Travel Journal App.

Quite literally a digital version of having a diary or journal. Available for $2.99.

7. Converted by Ideon

Ultimate Conversion App.

Not only does this app convert currency exchange rates, but also converts metrics, clothing sizes… everything. Genius!

8. Packing Pro

Packing App.

For $3.79 this app is the most comprehensive packing app on the planet. Totally worth it if you take multiple trips throughout the year!

9. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Booking App.

Quite literally that – you book a hotel, for that night, at a heavily discounted rate. What I love about this app, in particular, is that you can stay in 4 or 5-star hotels in some of the world’s most expensive cities for a heavily discounted rate. Certainly worth it if you can deal with the last-minute excitement (or stress) of it all!

10. Over to You – do you have an amazing travel app that deserves to be the 10th addition to the list!? Feel free to share your favourite Travel App in the comments below!


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