8 Ripped Jeans to Travel In

There’s a look lately that I’ve been loving thanks to the likes of Gigi & Kendall à la Paris fashion week, and that’s a pair of comfy ripped jeans to travel in. Ripped jeans have a way of emulating an effortlessly cool travel look, so I finally found a pair of my own that look like jeans and are jeans, but feel nothing at all like jeans when sitting down.

Tight jeans just aren’t my thing when travelling, especially on long-haul flights when trying to sleep. So for me, a pair of baggy ripped jeans are ideal. On a recent trip to Tanzania I also realised that ripped jeans have an instant cooling mechanism, allowing for plenty of air flow which is great in hot, humid airports.

So here’s to it: my favourite trend for travelling in style this year is a good ol’ pair of ripped jeans. Here are 8 top picks:


1. These Black Cat Jeans by Articles of Society will make you feel like a rockstar in no time. Being a skinny set, be sure to pair with a loose fitting shirt to allow for a sneaky unbutton-the-pants after meal service.

2. On sale and with serious hole-age (not a word) for ventilation, these BLANK NYC ripped jeans are a comfy skinny fit – not too slim, not too baggy.

3. These stylish AG legging-come-jeans are super stylish, but be sure to pack some thick woollen socks to refrain from ankle freeze on board.

4. Topshop are known for their effortlessness – but perhaps none more so than these tipped skinny boyfriend jeans that were obviously

5. Articles of Society know a skinny jean.

6. Another pair of safe and stylish BLANK NYC‘s.

7. Levi have created THE most comfy airplane jeans in these ripped rippers.

8. And if you know that you can keep ’em clean, nothing is more stylish than a slick pair o’ whites! However whites are definitely not made for long haul flights (speaking from experience).

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