10 Things you need in your Creative Space

10 Things You Need in your Creative Space | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

1. A Notebook for your cunning plans

World domination on the brain? Keeping your ideas noted is essential for any creative person, as we attempt to grab those cunning plans and take them into action before someone else out there in cyberspace decides to. Treasure this book as the most prized possession you have and keep all of your thoughts locked swiftly away in one place. Take it everywhere – your next game-changing idea could come anywhere, anytime. Read more: 10 things you need in your creative space.

2. Coffee

There really is no need to elaborate any further. Pulled an all nighter? Coffee. Monday morning? Coffee. Thought it was Friday and its only Wednesday? Coffee. All the time, coffee.

3. A Reading Light

For those late nights working away on your latest and greatest ideas or just to shed some extra light on a grey and miserable day – be sure to invest, there are some great shades out there.

4. A Mood Board

Regardless of whether you’re an artist in the physical sense or creating art in the digital world, a mood board is a great way to get your ideas flowing and see where you end up. One small idea can quickly become transformed into a world takeover extravaganza right before your eyes.

5. To-Do Lists

Even if they’re a little monotonous at times, to-do lists are a great way to keep track of everything you want to achieve in that day and monitor your progress. After all, distractions are a plenty with the interwebs at your finger tips.

10 Things You Need in your Creative Space | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

6. An Inspirational Book (for an educational break)

But if you are going to distract yourself, make it an educational one. Inspire yourself with books of interest – not just those directly related to your craft. Writing books are great for writers, but as soon as you dabble in something outside your realm – lets say French culture and mannerisms – you begin to gain a new perspective on your day. There’s also the off-chance it might influence your work or spark a new idea.

7. A Collection of Things that Inspire You

Whether its a movie ticket, postcard from your trip to Italy or a polaroid with friends – small reminders of happy moments are a great way to brighten any down day (sadly they’re inevitable).

8. Stationary

Once a practical tool, now a statement in interior design itself. Stationary sales have soared in recent years. Who knew there were so many types of black pens available… 

10 Things You Need in your Creative Space | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

9. Order

“Organized chaos” as I like to say. Although its easy to create a big mess during the creative process and go off on a tangent (or twelve), its a good idea to keep some sort of order and always ensure you leave your desk tidy at the end of the day. That way when you come back tomorrow, you’ll start off on a clean slate.

10. A Mantra

Having a mantra for your creative space may sound silly or whimsical at first – but believe me when I say it is of the utmost importance. Whether its as cliche as “seize the day” or as vague as “do more”… choose a short phrase that you need to remind yourself of each day and have it appear somewhere in your creative space as a reference.

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