20 Reasons to Visit Japan (Like, 5 minutes ago)

There are many reasons to visit Japan but I’m sure there are a few you haven’t thought about. If you’re on the brink of booking a spontaneous trip or trying to convince you friend to tag along with you, here are a handful of great reasons to visit Japan – including the Japanese obsession with soft-serve ice cream, of course!

Guide to Osaka | World of Wanderlust

1. Because the food is cuter than your pet dog

Dogs are cute and puppies even cuter… but can you beat this animal donut!? Japan is full of cute things to nibble away at but some are just so cute you might just want to keep them a while before the inevitable occurs…

Guide to Osaka | World of Wanderlust

2. Because you can re-live your childhood

If something is cute in Japan it is “kawaiiiiiii” (hold on the ‘i’) and believe me when I say nearly everything is kawaii in Japan. Vending machines where you can snag a pokemon or sailor moon toy to shove in your handbag? No problem. You’ll find them on main streets everywhere.

3. Because Kit Kats come in SO many different flavours

Wasabi, strawberries and cream…. and whatever the hell this is!?
Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto | World of Wanderlust

4. Because you can find solitude in the many Shinto Shrines

There’s nothing like thousands of endless torii gates leading four kilometres up a mountain to remind you that “you can do it”!

Tea drinking in Japan

5. Because tea drinking is an institution

Tea drinkers be prepared for endless offerings of tea in this tea loving country. Green tea is especially popular and widely available (for free in restaurants!)

A Guide to Takayama Japan | World of Wanderlust

6. Every flavour of soft-serve

Because who wouldn’t want to travel to a country where you can eat soft-serve on every street corner in almost every flavour you could imagine!? Be sure to try green tea, cherry blossom, vanilla milk and should you dare… wasabi ice cream!

A Guide to Takayama Japan | World of Wanderlust

7. Because there’s more to Japanese food than sushi

Say you love Japanese food but you don’t know what that is beyond sushi and bento boxes… then I promise you, you will love Japan. Expect healthy, fresh cuisine often cooked in front of you to ensure you’re eating things just the way you like them.

Sushi making class Tokyo

8. But when you do want to eat sushi, you can make your own

Try a sushi making class to master the art of sushi, learn the techniques and take your findings home with you to create your own sushi, just the way you like it!

A Guide to Kyoto | World of Wanderlust

9. To see the country covered in Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom season lasts only two weeks in Japan but boy, is it worth while!

A Guide to Kyoto | World of Wanderlust

10. To walk through walls of Bamboo

Because who wouldn’t want to find peace and serenity inside these bamboo walls in Kyoto!?

Guide to Osaka | World of Wanderlust

11. To View Castles as Old as Time

So you’ve seen castles in Europe but have you seen the unique thousands of years old castle in Japan!?

Kyoto Gion Parfaits

12. To Eat yourself into a Matcha-induced Frenzy

Matcha (green tea) is everywhere in Japan and when I say everywhere I really mean e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Expect matcha ice cream, matcha frappes, matcha parfaits and an all-out matcha frenzy! Delicious.

Mount Fuji Japan | World of Wanderlust

13. To See Mount Fuji

Is there a mountain quite as picturesque and surreal!? Be sure to visit around winter to see the peak in a layer of snow as it is unquestionably more scenic in the colder months.

A Quick guide to Tokyo Japan

14. To Experience the Weird and Wonderful side of Tokyo

Robot restaurants, karaoke bars and cat cafes… what more reason could you need to visit Tokyo!?

Reasons to visit Japan | World of Wanderlust

15. To Eat Plastic Food

…Not really… but, really. Don’t expect to ever think twice about what a meal might look like in Japan, you’ll be able to see the food offerings front and centre in plastic form at most restaurants. If anything, it offers an insight.

Guide to Osaka | World of Wanderlust

16. Because it is the land of Hello Kitty

Who doesn’t love the cutesy, pink plush world of Hello Kitty!? You can expect to find her everywhere in Japan.

Reasons to visit Japan | World of Wanderlust

17. For ancient Japanese Culture

…That withstands the test of time! In Japan culture is thousands of years old but it is still as rich and prevalent as ever, wherever you go in the country. Kyoto is one of the best cities to view Geisha history and culture in particular, especially in the Gion district.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto | World of Wanderlust

18. Because the Japanese have Mastered Street Food

Where else can you pay next to nothing for amazing, fresh, quality produce!?

20 Reasons to Visit Japan

19. SAKÉ!

Need I say more?

Guide to Osaka | World of Wanderlust

20. Because Getting Lost is Half the Fun

If you haven’t seen Lost in Translationa film featuring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray as they navigate the craziness and chaos of Japan’s capital, then now is the time to give it a look. Japan is full of cultural differences that allow you to lose and find reason… so what are you waiting for!


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OMLLLLL- I wanna go to Japan so bad rnn, I’ve always wanted to go but this, this makes me wanna randomly jump right in to Japan and like I dunno get absolutely lost and try everything, go everywhere but bummerrrrr. I can’t and like even when I can, convincing my parents is impossible;-;

3 years ago

it is so useful thank you for making this