28 Ways to Become Happier and Healthier Right Now

We’re all in the pursuit of happiness. But just how long should you be in pursuit of something until you loose your enthusiasm and settle for mediocrity? Here are 28 ways to become happier and healthier RIGHT NOW. Because time doesn’t wait for anyone…

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1. Travel to Learn, Grow, and Change

2. Become More Mindful of your breathing, thoughts, and consciousness

3. Clean out your make-up bag

4. Increase your intake of Vegetables

5. Make a dedicated Sleeping Plan

6. Increase your intake of Antioxidants

7. Take supplements, especially if you travel often

8. Treat yourself to a spa treatment

9. Eat for nourishment from the inside out, not for the outside in

10. Let Go

11. Drink less alcohol 

12. Eat Raw a few meals a week

13. Take time out for yourself to listen to your thoughts

14. Be active

15. Learn a New Skill or Language

16. Be kind to others and give more than you take

17. Plan

18. Drink hot water with lemon first thing every morning

19. Love yourself and others

20. DIY a natural remedy at home

21. Keep a Diary

22. Go for a steam session

23. Buy new workout gear and get moving!

24. Cook something with someone or for someone

25. Reminisce over old travel photos & make a Homemade Travel Scrapbook

26. Watch an Old Favourite Film that makes you Happy

27. Try a Detox to Cleanse your System

28. Have an at-home Mani Pedi spa session with your school friends


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