6 Things to Know About Wales Before you Go

So you’ve booked a trip to Wales. Great. There are however  a few things you ought to know about Wales before you go in order to better prepare yourself for the journey ahead… like rain, roadworks, and the Wales definition of “pub grub”…

Wales 1

Parking on the side of the street

There’s just one dilemma when you’re driving on the left hand side of the road and cars are parked almost entirely on your space of road: you have just lost your piece of road to a line of parked cars that aren’t going anywhere soon and neither are you if you don’t make a move pronto. In Wales the streets are so narrow and parking so scarce, that it is entirely normal and accepted to park almost entirely on the road. Thus drivers are forced to drive around the cars onto oncoming traffic, and pray they get a patient driver on the other side who doesn’t try to squeeze by at the same time (don’t be that guy)!


A Complete Disregard for vowels

Who needs vowels anyway!? Street signs in Wales are some of the most confusing and simultaneously humorous that I have seen anywhere in the world. If you’re ever stuck for anything to do on your road trip, try pronouncing Welsh out loud… I can assure you you will sound nothing like how it sounds!


There WILL be roadworks

Wales doesn’t have the most reliable road network and it is constantly having work done so do expect delays all over the country at any given time! Patience is key to enjoying a road trip in Wales.

Wales 2

It WILL rain

Don’t bother coming to Wales if you’re one to complain about a drop of rain. It WILL rain in Wales but on the positive side, thats why everything looks so lush and green! Once you give in to the crazy weather you will actually learn to love it, just be sure to always have a rain coat and umbrella at the ready!


There will be way too many castles to choose from, so choose wisely

Wales is known as the country of castles and once you get exploring you’ll soon see why! There are castles in almost every town, so be sure to do a little research prior to your trip to choose the ones you really want to visit and not waste time on those that aren’t worth the extra effort driving out of the way. Some are free but most have a small fee and remember everything starts/opens a little later here in Wales, so don’t rock up at the entrance any time before 9:00.

Wales Pub Dinner

“Pub Meals” don’t mean grub & are often Gourmet!

“Pub Grub” in Australia has an entirely different meaning to the above pictured main meal I ordered at a pub in Wales. Its on a whole different level. Don’t be afraid to try something new and put your trust in the waitress as the Welsh sure do love their food and have a great appreciation for it! You’ll be in good hands.


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