6 things you should take out of your suitcase right now

Packing. The non-negotiable prerequisite to travel that, although means just a handful of sleeps from an exciting adventure, most of us love to hate. You know that feeling – depsite the very best of intentions, you find yourself at the flight check-in desk, crossing fingers and toes, possibly hiding your purse in your overcoat and hoping that you’re within 200 grams of the checked baggage limit.

We’ve previously put together some handy guides and must-knows when it comes to what you should pack – but what should you take out?

It’s time to to lose some baggage – here are 6 things you should take out of your suitcase right now.

1. Books

We live in a digital age, where it’s possible to take one hundred books inside your four hundred gram iPad. Capitalise on this for your travels – download travel guides in PDF/digital format, subscribe to your favourite magazines and download a couple of novels to keep you enertained on longhaul plane flights. Keep books on the bookshelf at home.

2. Full bottles of cosmetics

One word here – decant! When it comes to cosmetics in luggage, they are necessary – but heavy. So decant out volume and downsize what you take with you. We promise – wherever you are headed, your arrival destination will have shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste available for purchase on arrival.

3. Shoes (one pair).

Go on, take out one pair of shoes. Make sure you’ve got the basics covered for the type of adventure you’re headed on. Walking shoes, flip flops if you’re headed beach side, or simple, comfortable ballet flats that can be dressed-up or dressed-down for different occasions. Also – wear your heaviest footwear on the plane.

6 things you should take out of your suitcase right now

4. Hairdryer

You WILL be able to source a hairdryer, one way or another, at your arrival destination. Worst case scenario? Air dry your locks.

5. Loyalty Cards

Coffee hearts, this one is for you. Take out your lovingly collected coffee loyalty cards, business cards, or other cards stuffed in your wallet crannies. You won’t be needing these while away – and they’ll be safely waiting for your return. Better still, leave your regular wallet at home, and downsize to a smaller, more compact wallet for your travels.

6 things you should take out of your suitcase right now

6. Pyjamas

In the interest of maximising daywear outfits, consider taking out your pyjamas from your case. You can always sleep in your t-shirts, shorts… or trackies!

6 things you should take out of your suitcase right now

Anything we’ve missed here? What’s one thing that you leave out of your case to save space or weight? Is there something you cannot do without?

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