Audible – The Newest Must Have Travel Accessory

For someone who has been travelling internationally for just under a decade, I like to think I know most if not all of the accessories that make travelling easier and more enjoyable. But there’s one new must have travel accessory I have only just encountered, so I’m writing this post to ensure you too know about it as my latest find for a must have travel accessory.

Introducing Audible: on my radar for the latest must have travel accessory

When I heard about Audible, the words ‘more productive and informative way of learning’, were enough to get me interested… and after experiencing the product itself, I’m hooked.

Audible lets you listen to digital spoken audio instead of traditional means of reading books, magazines and newspapers. The experience is thus enhanced learning, but also allows you to experience a book, magazine or newspaper whilst engaging in other activities, such as running or walking around a new city. I know what you’re thinking – why didn’t I think of that? I had the same thought.

For something that sounds so simple, it really is quite extraordinary. It’s also addictive – I’m on my second book this month already!

What is Audible? Why haven’t I heard of it?

My first two questions are undoubtedly yours, too. So before I tell you about my Audible experience here are the basics…

As with any new advances in technology, as humans we tend to be inherently tentative to try new things. That’s why Audible have put forward a free trial to let you discover for yourself just how much you’ve been missing out on.

Benefit from time you didn’t know you had: Take boring times like waiting in lines or long drives and turn them into enjoyable, productive time.

Put simply, you will turn countless wasted minutes, hours, and days of your life into productive time spent learning and broadening your knowledge. That’s what it comes down to in this day and age – being more productive, more knowledgeable, and more educated.

As someone who has always loved reading and learning but found it difficult to find the time due to being on the road full time, Audible is my logical answer to becoming more productive and utilising every spare minute of my time instead of wasting minutes that turn into hours and days of my life.


My first Audible experience

So I’ve told you how much I love the concept, but how did I get so hooked?

After hearing about Audible and the introductory offer, I jumped straight on the case. Being a fan of The Hunger Games movies but not having read the books, I took this as the perfect opportunity to ‘read’ the final installment.

Being a full time travel blogger, I have plenty of time to kill in transit, on public transport, and waiting in endless queues. Previously this has essentially been wasted time, as I will pass hours on a plane on my laptop, but I can’t exactly sit at a high-end restaurant by myself with my laptop open or reading a book, although I will admit to having done so previously.

So I took this opportunity to start my Audible experience and listen to the final installment of THG over dinner. I then found myself hooked, listening to the book on the treadmill of my hotel gym and finally on public transport. These times where I had previously ‘killed time’ listening to music or fiddling around on my phone deleting photos, I was now engaging in a book I was genuinely interested in.

After listening to the book over 12 hours of otherwise wasted time throughout my two week visit to Hong Kong, I went back on the website to see if there were any other books taking my fancy. As it turns out Audible were one step ahead of me, offering suggestions of what else I would like based on my purchase, items I had viewed, and what was trending this week. I now have a list of three books to get through in the next month: Eat, Pray, Love; Bittersweet; and The Fault in Our Stars.

There are over 100,000+ titles so I’m sure it will be a while before I run out of options, but I’d love to hear from you – what are your favourite books I should add to my Audible reading list?


Please let me know in the comments below!

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