How to Avoid Travel Burnout and Travel Healthier

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How to avoid travel burnout

Replace every liquid you drink with water

We all know staying hydrated when you travel should be of the upmost importance, but for the amount of walking we do daily we’re likely to not be drinking nearly as much water as we should. To give your body what it needs and avoid filling your body with chemical-ridden soft drinks, aim to replace every drink you have with water. You’ll stay hydrated and feel x10 better without any effort required.

Get a good night of rest every night

 There’s something to be said for a good night’s rest. If you ask me, it will cure just about anything. When you travel it can become tempting to want to make every minute count, stay out late and get up early. But by doing this you run the risk of burning out and becoming ill or not enjoying each activity nearly as much as you would if you weren’t so tired. Don’t forget to ensure you have a good night of rest every night (if not then most) as it will make your overall experience much more enjoyable and rewarding.

Search online in advance

 If you have a food allergy or just prefer to eat healthily, be sure to do your research and planning before your trip or before you leave your hotel for the day. That way you can ensure you don’t end up just ‘grabbing what you can’ and end up feeling guilty for it when you realise you’ve eaten nothing but take away food all day! 

Cut down on Carbs and Up the Protein

Another way to ensure you don’t feel guilty about your diet (or lack thereof) is not to fall for the trap of overeating carbs because they’re cheap or easily accessible. Be sure to maintain your protein levels to ensure you have sustained energy and are eating lots of the good stuff!

Moisturize your Skin

It’s easy to forget the little things when you travel and they certainly have a way of creeping up on you. Try to remember to moisturise your skin as often as you remember, as it will leave you feeling fresh and your skin hydrated. This is particularly important if you’re out in the sun all day soaking up sun rays – there’s nothing more regrettable down the track in life if you don’t take good care of your skin!

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Force Yourself to Go Outside and Explore

So you want to keep fit but don’t want to spend your time indoors at a gym or ‘working out’? Easy. Get outdoors! Nearly every activity you will engage in outdoors will require a higher level of exercise than the norm – so it’s a great way to exercise without having to actually exercise.

Eat more veggies and fruit

If your diet is lacking in substance, switch to veggie for a while and eat raw when you can. Fruit and veg are full of all the good stuff your body needs – so you know you can’t go wrong! Fruit also has a high water content which is very important when you travel to rehydrate your body.

Always always always wash your face morning and night

Having trouble with your skin while abroad? Chances are you’re not following a skin routine because a) you forgot or b) you’re so tired at night that you choose not to bother. But if you want to keep your skin fresh and clean, be sure to wash your face morning and night and perhaps even exfoliate if you can!

Avoid Air Conditioning

Skin breakouts, dull skin and sickness is more often than not the cause of air conditioning. This is a breeding ground for diseases so do your best to avoid air conditioning at all times! When it is unavoidable (such as on planes), be sure to drink plenty of water in an effort to avoid falling ill. Sometimes it is of course inevitable so take some cough tablets or medicine to shake it before it hits!

Have Down Days

Finally, it’s important not to try and jam pack every day with activities and sightseeing. Why? Because you need a day here or there to actually enjoy the destination you’re visiting and soak it up! Be sure to schedule in a few down days to relax and unwind.

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