How to Become an Overnight Success

Let me kick this off by saying no one who is successful got their by luck alone. It takes hard work, passion, dedication, persistence, rejection, fear, conquest, and of course a touch of luck, to become an overnight success. But just how do we define an overnight success? Becoming an overnight sensation doesn’t mean going viral over the internet for good looks and a cartoon-character haircut.


What is an overnight success?

Being an overnight success is somewhat of a myth. No one is who is successful woke up one day to the sudden realisation that they were successful, having not done any prior work to get there. Sure, there are the elusive internet types who appear out of thin air after uploading a video that just so happened to go viral, but believe me when I say they didn’t get there without hard work… or at least they didn’t capitalise of this opportunity without hard work following their new internet fame (or otherwise).

It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.

– Eddie Cantor

An overnight success is more accurately a person who has been perfecting their craft for some time, only to have at some point in their quest for success been significantly recognised  for a particular work – be it a video, photo, blog post, newsletter article, or otherwise. Prior to the ‘overnight success’ they were already hard at work slaving away under what is likely to be poor conditions – minimal pay (often working for free), long hours (often every waking hour), and minimal social life (more often than not zero social life). They didn’t make it overnight by pure luck alone.

How do I become an overnight success?

Recognising an overnight success is one thing but knowing how to become an overnight success is quite another, as it of course requires more hard work and dedication than you will ever possibly perceive. Most importantly, it takes time. 

If you want to pursue your passion and be successful at what you do, then it is absolutely essential that you do what you love. By choosing a specific niche that caters to your passions in life, you will quite accurately never work a day in your life.

But choosing to do what you love is just the first step.

The next step is to think outside the box – much further outside of the box – in a new galaxy if you must. Research is key in becoming successful at what you do. You should research the history and evolution of what you love – how it is now perceived by society, the media, and consumers. Take for example fashion blogging. The fashion industry has only just started to embrace and trust bloggers’ influence over the past few years, but prior to this some bloggers have been documenting their thoughts and looks online for years. Therefore fashion blogging has not always been a profitable or successful avenue to explore, but those who saw the opportunity some years ago now stand a cut above the rest in an over-saturated market. By doing their research, seeing an opportunity, creating a delicate plan of business and going after it vigorously, a few key players in the fashion industry now have created very successful blogs for themselves.

But they don’t stop there.

Any successful blogger will be quick to tell you they know blogging won’t be around forever. So those with a clear vision and purpose are already looking to diversify themselves by turning their blog into a brand, not just a blog that offers a self-employed income. They’re looking to create a name for themselves in the industry and searching for other, more unique ways, to reach their audience. Whether that is by creating a clothing line or simply approaching the business of blogging as an online magazine platform rather than a personal documentation of their day-to-day lives, bloggers with a clear vision are business-savvy entrepreneurs who are always five steps ahead of the competition, ensuring they’re never left behind.

Persistence Pays Off

But the key message to becoming an overnight success is persistence – and lots of it. In your quest for success, you are bound to face an array of challenges. From rejection through to controversies, backlash and ‘haters’, there is bound to be more challenges around every corner as you continue to conquer new targets. But for every one bad egg in the world, there are 20 (or more) good ones. Its important to remember the people who pick you up, help out a friend, offer to give their time and genuinely contribute to your success – as these are the people you will be able to thank when the day arrives that you are recognised and rewarded for your passion, persistence and pursuit towards your end goal. 


For more advice on blogging success, see my Ebook: How to Create a Successful Blog.

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