Checking In to Mount Juliet Kilkenny

Of all the places I have stayed in Ireland, Mount Juliet would have to be one of my favourites if not the most. A countryside estate just outside of Kilkenny, Mount Juliet has a reputation for being one of the most sought after places to stay with a world famous golf course, Michelin star restaurant and the old school Irish charm that makes it feel like a home away from home.

Checking In: Mount Juliet Estate

After spending a few days in Wexford, I made my way by car to Mount Juliet Estate. The estate is just a short 20-minute drive from Kilkenny city but manages to feel like a world away from reality with the tagline escape everyday.

The estate is home to the Manor House (pictured above) and a newer hotel Hunter’s Yard, which is where my room was situated just a short walk from the manor.

The Manor House

The Manor House is where you will find the traditional style rooms that date back to the 18th century. These rooms are much more lavishly appointed in Georgian era interior design.

It is here at the Manor House where you can enjoy afternoon tea or a 7 course dinner menu at the Lady Helen Restaurant. This side of the estate is certainly more fancy and fine dining, so be sure to dress accordingly! For a more relaxed affair, there are dining option at Hunter’s Yard Hotel next door.

It was over here at the Manor House that I spent most of my time. My favourite experience was to sit down for Mount Juliet’s famous afternoon tea. The lavish three-tier affair was an extravaganza in savoury pastries, homemade scones and small treats to finish the meal. You might wish to share between two people – the settings are huge!

Mount Juliet Ireland | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

After the tea, I took some time to wander around the manor house and surrounding gardens. The estate itself is very large, with many different areas to enjoy. There is a professional golf course in the estate that attracts many famous golfers from around the world. This reputation, of course, attracts many amateurs as well, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at a round of golf.

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The Georgian Manor House is home to 32 guest rooms, each categorised as 5-star luxury. Over at Hunter’s Yard Hotel, there are 93 guest rooms. This hotel is much larger and caters for the masses, however, it feels more modern than Mount Juliet. If you’re travelling as a couple, the romance of Mount Juliet might be more your style. For families, solo travellers and younger couples, I’d recommend Hunter’s Yard.

Dining at Lady Helen Restaurant

On my first evening at Mount Juliet, I enjoyed dinner in the Michel star restaurant, Lady Helen. The affair was extremely fancy and as tasty as you could imagine. I had no less than 7 courses to work my way through including this delicious tiramisu taste plate to finish. The restaurant luckily caters for vegetarians and any other food intolerances. Just be sure to let them know ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

A very warm thank you to Visit Kilkenny for organising my visit to Kilkenny and Mount Juliet.

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