Creating a Creative Space

Any creative person will be the first to tell you that your work is heavily influenced by your surrounds. That’s why it is essential to create a space that inspires you, encourages you and leads you to create your best work. Here are 8 different creative spaces I’m loving and why they’re both a) visually pleasing and b) practical as a work space.

Study Space Inspo

Inspiring Visuals

If we are what we surround ourselves with, we should certainly surround ourselves with anything and everything that inspires us. Set aside some time to dig a little deeper and research the people, cultures and eras that influence you to better understand their roots. Before you know it you will have created a spiderweb of creativity.

Organised chaos

Organised Chaos

Some prefer minimalism and others prefer to opt for organised chaos (my personal preference). Having a place for everything is a great way to keep organised and have structure in your workplace, without ever having to look elsewhere when you need something. The above study space is a great (and incredibly innovative) way to give everything its own ‘home’ , whilst keeping your immediate work space clean and free from clutter.

Light study space 2

Letting Light In

There is perhaps nothing more important than daylight. Ensuring your creative space receives plenty of daylight is essential to your productivity. Even if you’re a night owl, facing your desk toward a large window is a great way to encourage positivity and productivity during the day time.

Study space living

A ‘Living’ Space

Plants. Love them or hate them indoors, they are without doubt a good energy source to have in your creative space. If you don’t like the idea of large over-bearing plants in your workspace, consider a small cactus or Japanese bonsai.

structure study space


If the above photo doesn’t inspire you to structure your workplace and create order, I don’t know what will. Not everyone likes this level of structure in their lives and even more so their creative spaces, but if you tend to feel cluttered or lost in the creative process, consider this alternative (albeit an extreme measure).

reading chair

A Reading Chair

When you need to take a break and want to avoid the temptations of the internet, it’s a great idea to have a designated reading chair where you retreat for creative influence.

inspiring work places

More of what inspires you

Find out what inspires you and make it a feature in your creative space. Don’t be afraid to change it every so often and try new things.

mantra 1

A Mantra

A mantra is like your daily reminder of a short phrase or quote that inspires you to work better, harder, faster, or all of the above. Pick your mantra wisely – it should be your go-to phrase.


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