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If there’s one thing WOW readers can all be sure of, it’s my incessant love for ice cream. After travelling across 6 continents in my 23 years of living, there’s no food I have tried and tested more frequently than my first true love in life — ice cream. Within the first 24 hours of visiting a new city, I’m tweeting and googling like a mad woman asking where to find the best local IC, and before long I’m whizzing straight back out to the airport feeling full, satisfied, and like I ‘got the job done’. Of course, “the job” is never to find the best ice cream in town – but I just so happened to realise that I am not only an enthusiast, but a self-proclaimed expert in the field after so much (over)consumption.

So what to do with all this extreme Ice Cream knowledge?


Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in the world

Jean Philippe Patisserie

Where: Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas

Flavour to Try: Snickers

It might come as a surprise to you that my all time favourite ice cream I have EVER divulged is located in the USA, not Italy…. moreover, it is located in Las Vegas. But I promise you – this place offers heaven in a cup. It’s expensive but totally worth it… however I wouldn’t advise finding your way here if you lack self control / I returned over 10 times in 3 days.

La Carraia

Where: Florence, Italy

Flavour to Try: Mix up three flavours

Of course the gelati capital must make the list. Coming in at a close second, La Carraia offers arguably the best gelati in all of Florence. It’s a short walk away from the main tourist sights (over the bridge with the same name), but it’s totally worth it. It is also MUCH cheaper than the prices you will find in the main tourist areas.

Moritz Eis

Where: Belgrade, Serbia

Flavour to Try: Salted Caramel

It might shock you, but some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted was in the capital of Belgrade – Serbia. Locals know about this place and it’s certainly the most popular joint in town, so be sure to expect lines throughout the day.

16 Handles

Where: New York, New York

Flavour to Try: Caramel Popcorn

Bending the rules ever-so-slightly, I simply couldn’t write this list without including the world’s best frozen yogurt – 16 Handles in New York. My sources tell me you can also find this chain in Miami, but I was so caught up in the craze in New York that by the time I reached Miami my jeans wouldn’t allow any more “3 a day” minimums. It’s your typical pay-by-weight frozen yogurt establishment with not so typical flavours that will leave you drooling for more. Ask for a taste tester cup as you walk in, you can try as many as you like before you buy!


Where: Zagreb, Croatia

Flavour to Try: Snickers & Cookies and Cream

Another shocker. This is hands down one of the best (and cheapest) ice cream joints on the planet. It’s also reason alone to visit the Croatian capital.


Where: Berlin, Germany

Flavour to Try: The dairy-free range is surprisingly good!

Known for their dairy-free goodness and soy-based flavours, Caramello is a top choice for Berliners.

Emporio La Rosa

Where: Santiago, Chile

Flavour to Try: Dulce de Leche

It came as a complete surprise to me when my guide in Santiago proclaimed Chileans as one of the biggest consumers of ice cream in the world (and hands down the biggest consumer in Latin America). So naturally my next question became “Where is the best ice cream in the capital” to which she answered “I’ll take you there now”. We got along just fine.


Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Flavour to Try: The Amerikaner

Specialising in excess, this is one ice creamery you can visit knowing you won’t (be able to) go back for seconds. The most popular item on the menu, the Amerikaner is a calorific nightmare (but so worth it) consisting of: 4 scoops of ice cream topped with syrup, whipped cream, and a chocolate covered meringue puff. I mean…. who could say no to that!?

Big Gay Ice Cream

Where: New York, New York

Flavour to Try: Flavours changing daily

If you’ve been to NYC and not visited Big Gay Ice Cream, you’ll just have to go again. BGI is an institution in the Big Apple. Here you’ll find creative soft serve ice cream flavours like “Salty Pimp” among others… seriously, just go try it. Now. Why aren’t you on a plane already?

Gelato Messina

Where: Sydney, Australia

Flavour to Try: Salted Caramel with white choc chip and peanut butter anything (combo)

There’s no denying this is Australia’s best ice cream / gelateria. Flavours are in abundance and change regularly, giving you all the more reason to visit thrice (or more) during your time in Oz.

Any you’d like to add? I’m available for taste testing year-round and would love to hear your suggestions!

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