Hidden Paris: The Best Secret Spots in Paris

If you are looking for the best kept secrets in Paris, you have come to the right place. These are the places that taught me to always take the road unsigned and to always peek around the door uninvited. In Paris there are a million surprises to be found through secret passageways and it is the inquisitive amongst us that uncover these quiet nooks and crannies. So be adventurous and be bold! Paris will constantly reward you with its hidden treasures. Alternatively follow this guide as we share the top secret spots in Paris with you.

Hotel de Sully

Hôtel de Sully

Just off one of the paths around Place de Vosges, you might just spy a secret door which I beg you to take. Pass through the door and down a couple of steps and you’ll arrive at the magnificent Hôtel de Sully. This is a private mansion surrounded by a tidy lawn with boxwood hedges. There’s even a wall entirely covered with green climbing ivy.

Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine

The incredibly beautiful and tranquil Place Dauphine is situated on Pont Neuf. This is the oldest bridge in Paris. The triangular shaped public space is lined with quintessential Parisian shops and cafes. Come here with a book and sit quietly under one of the trees and soak up the classic Parisian scene.

Palais Royal

Palais Royal

As if Palais Royal wasn’t already beautiful enough, it has just undergone a lengthy refurbishment. Now it is even more breathtaking than before! The peaceful nature of the gardens make it feel far removed from its actual location in the center of Paris. The garden is overlooked by quintessential Parisian apartments often inhabited by politicians. The garden is framed by antique shops now taken over by famous fashion houses.

Jardin Saint Gilles Grande Veneur

Jardin Saint-Gilles-Grand Veneur

This garden is not easy to find unless you’re really looking for it. But once you navigate your way, you’ll be so glad you did. It is easily one of my favourite secrets in Paris. The garden is completely empty of people, so you’ll have this oasis all to yourself. This garden has oodles of romance and charm with climbing roses and flowers.

National Archives

National Archives

The National Archives are nestled within the Marais and whilst they are getting more well known, they still remain one of Paris’ quieter corners. In the courtyard you’ll find the Hôtel de Souboise, a grand manor house built for the prince and princess de Souboise. The scene is framed by manicured gardens and beautiful stone columns. I would recommend bringing a book and some snacks to sit and pass time. It is perhaps my favourite secret in Paris.

Hôtel de Sens

Hôtel le Sens

This building looks it should belong in the Loire Valley rather than the center of Paris and is one of the finest examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture in Paris. It houses a library specialising in fine arts and where could be more peaceful than the gardens of a library?

Cité des Fleurs

If you’re looking for a tranquil stroll in Paris then there isn’t anywhere more peaceful or picturesque than the Cité des Fleurs. This gated community has the charm and aesthetic of a French village, its open to the public but the privacy of its inhabitants must be respected.

 Passage Dauphine

Passage Dauphine

In the middle of the bustling streets of Paris lies this tranquil passage. Just step inside and you’ll feel miles away from the madding crowd just outside. There are Parisian cafes, eateries and the most beautiful courtyard I’ve seen so far in Paris decorated with vibrant flowers and climbing plants.

Paris best kept secrets | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Photography and words by Faye Bullock

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