How to Edit Your Instagram Photos Better (5 Apps you NEED)

It’s a question I get more times a day than I can count on my hands and feet – so let’s do this! Here are the apps I use and those I consider to be the best 5 apps to edit your instagram photos!

How to Edit your Instagram Photos: 5 Apps you NEED


Perhaps it is accurate to say that VSCO cam holds the premium position by way of photo editing apps. The community continues to grow its’ user base daily and the hashtag #vscocam has been used more than 99 million times. Its super easy to use and does all the hard work for you. My personal favourite is the T1 filter, but there are many others to choose from.


So with all the simple photo editing apps out there, what’s different about Snapseed? WELL, this app has an incredibly important feature which allows you to edit parts of the photo that require colour correction, instead of changing the entire photo. It is incredibly effective for iphoneography enthusiasts, and best of all its free!

CAMERA+ – $1.99

If you’re serious about using your iPhone or other smart phone device as a camera replacement, be sure to download the camera+ app. This app lets you do things with your camera that aren’t possible with the built-in software. Inside the app you can control the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more.

MEXTURES – $1.99

Mextures is your go-to for colour popping, fun filters and dramatic effects to your photos. Created by Merek Davis, this app is a small price to pay for great photos in your instagram feed.


If you’re taking lots of landscape photos or photos that look better in horizontal or vertical instead of the 1:1 instagram square, this app is your friend. It will allow you to keep the dimensions of your photo while placing a white (or other) background for the remainder of the square.



It’s also good to note that most of my editing is done inside the instagram app itself. My favourite tweaks are to increase the ‘sun’ dial you see in the centre of the major tools, as well as increasing brightness, saturation, and decreasing highlights to account for the added brightness.


Over to you! What are your favourite apps or tips for editing your instagram photos!?

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