How to Pack: Finding the Perfect Weekend Bag

The art of packing was once a mystery to me as I would always either underpack severely (forgetting necessities like underwear, a phone charger, and the too-easy-to-forget toothbrush) or overpacking to the point of taking a suitcase on a weekend trip. That was of course until recent years when I started travelling almost all the time, and finally started to understand the mathematics behind packing.

Finding the Perfect Weekend Bag

The secret to packing is in fact NOT what you put in your bag, but the bag itself. Don’t want to overpack? Stick by a small bag (i.e. backpack or duffle bag). Don’t want to miss anything out? invest in a bag that will suit dual needs: i.e. a duffle bag with wheels and many compartments.

For each of these, I’ve sourced six perfect weekend bags: the first three are great if you’re on a budget and just want a weekend bag to throw some things in (I’ve become that girl). The latter three are for the seriously organised travellers who prefer to make their holiday feel like home (I’m still sometimes that girl too!), old habits die hard.

I’m on a Budget Bags:


Budget? What Budget!


For more tips and tricks on packing:

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Brooke Saward
Brooke Saward

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