How to Travel with your Best Friend (and have a great time)

As someone who is now so used to travelling on my own (six years and counting), travelling with friends does not come easy to me. A few days or a week? Not a problem. But three weeks straight with one of my besties (Jessie) in Barcelona, Iceland and New York? Suffice it so say I was a little nervous in the lead up to our trip! Learning how to travel with your best friend is a lesson worth considering before travelling.

If you are also having second thoughts or are feeling a little anxious about spending 24 hours a day with your best friend travelling, then I’ve got some great tips to help make it a really enjoyable time – all tried and tested!

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Choose a destination with plenty to see and do

So you’ve got your bestie, you’ve got your passport, but its now time to decide where and what will the two of you get up to on your adventures. When travelling with other people it is always important to make sure that the destination is of interest to the two of you.

Take for example a handful of friends I have travelled with in the past who don’t enjoy museums, art or culture. In my case, I love to immerse myself into history and art, so I wouldn’t choose to visit a destination like Paris if I don’t have a plus one who wants to come and explore the Louvre.

It is also a great head start if you pick a destination with lots to offer both of your interests. Say if you do decide Paris is your destination, then you’ll be spoiled for choice with endless options to keep you busy in such a big, vibrant city. It is hard to have disagreements and butt heads when you’re in a city that offers you so much.

Don’t Be Afraid to take a few hours to yourself

Even though you’re travelling together, it is still okay (and in fact really healthy) to spend some time alone. On our trip through Barcelona, it was important for me to take the occasional run by myself. Or I would even spend some time at a cafe catching up on work.

As much fun as it is to have your plus one with you, keeping up the intense energy can sometimes be quite draining! Don’t forget to listen to how you feel (tired, hungry, etc.) and know when to take some time to do you.

How to travel with your best friend

Choose a destination with plenty of vitamin D to keep your spirits high

As much as I love winter destinations and layering up with a hot cocoa in hand, sometimes you just need a little Vitamin D to boost your spirits! Travelling through Spring and Summer I always notice my mood is elevated, even more so when travelling with friends. Picking a tropical destination or a taking a trip over the European summer makes it impossible not to have a great time.

Travelling with your Bestie | Tips and Tricks

Keep in Mind Why you Chose them in the First Place!

Don’t forget they’re your bestie for a reason! Spending a lot of time with one other person in often high-stress situations can be a little testing at times, but you’ve just gotta remember why the two of you are there in the first place. While I love solo travel and have had some great adventures on my own the past six years, there’s nothing that can compare with exploring a city or town with a friend in tow, experiencing a new culture together. My favourite part about our trip was the end of day debriefs, discussing all we had achieved that day… just remember you don’t get that when you’re alone!

Over to you – have you ever travelled with a friend and said “never again” at the end of a trip or “Hell yeah!” the whole way through? Sound off in the comments! See more on Instagram.

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Brooke Saward

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