How to Visit Blagaj Tekija: Bosnia’s Monastery Built in to a Cliff

In a world where travel is more accessible and affordable than ever, most of us are packing our bags a few times a year to travel the world and discover new places. Blagaj Tekija is a monastery in Bosnia & Herzegovina built into a cliff.

It is one of the examples in a new wave of tourism whereby travellers are seeing a photo online, researching the location, and planning a trip based around their findings. If you would like to visit Blagaj Tekija, the good news is it is easier than you might think.

If you are visiting nearby Croatia, a visit to Blagaj Tekija is incredibly easy. It only takes a day to cross the border and visit both the monastery and nearby Mostar. Here is our guide to help you plan your visit and get a slice of Bosnian history while you’re there.


Blagaj Tekija in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Blagaj Tekija is a Dervish monastery built into the cliffs of Blagaj. The monastery overlooks a pristine body of turquoise water. Chances are you have already seen it on Instagram or Pinterest, as it has been popularised. The monastery is almost 600 years old and can be reached in just 20 minutes drive from Mostar, the popular

Once here there are a few small restaurants lining the banks of the river. Most of these have popped up to serve tourism and can be a bit of a tourist trap. I would recommend saving your hunger for nearby Mostar, where you will find many great restaurants. Just ask a local where to get some great Bosnian food and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

For my time in Blagaj I stayed with a local family in their three bedroom home. This was a great way for me to experience the culture firsthand as well as getting local tips for the best places to see nearby.

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