I launched a podcast! Where to listen to “Read Like a Girl”

The Read Like a Girl Podcast

As the dust settles on isolation, I’m beginning to realise I’ll be here in my Cape Town studio for a while now. So I started thinking: what kind of podcast would I want to listen to? What is missing for me? And with that, I’m proud to introduce: the Read like a Girl podcast!

You might have noticed by now that I read a lot – you might have even joined my book club! Memoirs, novels, autobiographies… there is no limit to my love for a good book. But in this digital age, there has been discussion about a decline in publishing. Fear not! I believe both books in traditional form and new media forms (i.e. podcasting) can live simultaneously. That is why I have created a podcast to champion books with a strong female lead, a female author, or books that are just outright inspiring for women.

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Episode One: Brooke Saward on Memoirs & Getting Published

In the first episode I discuss my three favourite memoirs. My top three picks are:

How to Murder your Life by Cat Marnell

This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay

Is everyone hanging out without me? (And other concerns) by Mindy Kaling

Later in the episode I have an open conversation about my experience with publishing. I’m often asked “How did you get published?” So you will find all the answers here!

Upcoming Episodes

Each episode will run for about 30 minutes, designed to be consumed while you cook dinner, go for a run, or are stuck in traffic. We’ll have some very inspiring guests in the book space – including Emma Bates (founder of Diem), Renee Roaming (published author, blogger), Kierstin Rich (The Blonde Abroad) and many more!

Over to you: who would you like to see interviewed on the podcast!?

Read like a girl podcast