London Like a Local with Emma Bates

Emma Bates is a blogger who has been living the London lifestyle for the past three years. With an eye for taking beautiful photos on her film camera and a quick wit, she brings her expertise in exploring and eating out in London to World of Wanderlust this year as…

the WOW London Blogger.
Introducing Emma – The WOW London Blogger

Meet Emma

I’ve called London home for three years now, and it’s still my favourite city in the world. I moved to London to study at Kings College, but for the past three years I have been making my way around the city to find the best places to eat and experience.

Before living in London I grew up in the leafy county of Surrey, a short train journey from London. For at least two years I had wanted to move to London before I had the chance to do so, and I would often visit the city before I finally rented my first apartment in 2012.

I absolutely adore London.

I absolutely adore London. It is better than I had imagined and I feel so at home here. I live in Fulham – a very homely, green and leafy neighbourhood in the South West of London. While I love to feel at home here in my neighbourhood, I am just as keen to explore the many different sides to London.

WOW: What’s the best ‘pro’ to living in London?

There’s always something to do. Whether you want to bathe in an installation of plastic balls, walk in a park or go for drinks overlooking the city, there are always plenty of options.

WOW: What are some of the cons? The public transport, weather, people?

The district line! It’s a love hate relationship… but seriously why does it stop so much!? The weather in London doesn’t phase me too much, a sunny day in London can make you instantly forget the disgusting drizzle and grey for the 3 weeks preceding it. I quite like the attitude of Londoners, with the hustle and bustle around you it’s quite nice to keep yourself to yourself when you’re walking along the street, it might get a little too stressful if you felt obliged to smile at every passer by. Or maybe I’m just really British?

WOW: How would you describe a Londoner in three words?

Determined, insular, impatient. Don’t get me wrong we do have a nice side too, it just takes a little coaxing to come out in public.

Emma Bates My London Brunch

WOW: What is your favourite meal to eat out for in London?

BRUNCH. The best meal of the day.

WOW: Where are your favourite places to brunch?
  1. No 11 Pimlico Road (Chelsea) – Great instagram location, they have marble tables and even better presented food.
  2. Kopapa (Covent Garden) – All i’m gonna say is marmite soldiers and dippy eggs. Just accept it’s brilliant and order it.
  3. Granger & Co – I wish I could take everyone here. Their scrambled eggs are so perfect to look at you question how it could ever be real food. Order a hot chocolate and if you’re feeling naughty, their honeycomb butter ricotta pancakes. Yep you heard me right.
  4. Riding House Cafe – Centrally located, delicious juices and the avocado on toast is second to none.
  5. Good Life Eatery – Be prepared to queue, but the wait is worth it. Order the Choc Norris smoothie, it’s really great.
WOW: Name your favourite 3 bars in London
Bodega Negra in Soho and Casa Negra in Shoreditch: They do a great margarita, ask for a blended lime margarita with passion fruit.
– Milk & Honey – Speakeasy in Soho: Serving Delicious cocktails.
Duck and Waffle/Sushi Samba in the Heron Tower: For the view, not the overpriced drinks.
WOW: Name your favourite museum(s) in London
– The V&A – I just saw the Savage Beauty exhibition and it was phenomenal.
– Natural History Museum – I really like the giant dinosaur and the whale. The building itself is also beautiful, too.
WOW: What area would you suggest visitors to stay in?

If you’re looking for beautiful buildings and a great vibe in a central location, I’d definitely recommend Sloane Square. For the quirkier side of London, I’d suggest Shoreditch. I wouldn’t suggest staying too central to the tourist attractions as you won’t get to experience the real greatness of London.

WOW: If you ever leave London, where else in the world would you like to live and why?

New York! The only other city in the world that I think is faster paced than London – so naturally I need to live there at some stage.


Emma will be joining the WOW Team this year as our London Blogger.
This initiative is to bring you up-to-date expert tips on the cities you’re visiting most! 

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