My 10 Best Blogging Tips

It has been a while since I’ve shared some of my blogging tips here on WOW but with so many readers tweeting me to say they’re been inspired by WOW to start their own blogs, I thought what better time to share a little insider info and help get you started if you’re new to the blogging world! Here are my 10 best blogging tips (after much deliberation) – I hope you find them useful!



Lets cut straight to the most basic of all: is the best platform for blogging. The content is forever yours, the logistics of the site are all yours to tweak to your liking and the backend makes uploading blogs incredibly simple and seamless. Oh, and there’s a plugin for everything!

2. Find your Niche

Writers find their voice whilst bloggers must first find their niche. With so many blogs out there on offer to potential readers, its important to set yourself apart from the rest. Don’t just start a travel blog, start a blog that focuses on solo travel, couples travel, a particular region, a particular city, food and travel, ballet and travel… whatever it is, just be sure to make the mission statement unique for your readers!

My best blogging tips | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

3. Write for yourself

One of the biggest mistakes I made for the first couple of years blogging was writing for my audience and not myself. For a long time I was writing articles I thought people wanted to read and forgetting all about the fact that my blog should be a reflection of me and my interests, not a mediocre regurgitation of information that is already out there. So I started including recipes, DIY’s, home decor and the many other ways you can incorporate travel back into your life at home, too (like the secret to learning a new language).

4. Network

Perhaps the single most powerful tool you possess as a blogger is your ability to reach out to other bloggers to network, collaborate, or just to say “hey, I love your work!” Networking is a great way to build friendships in the blogging world, swap tips, meet up in “real life” and create all those community vibes that you will soon learn are worth their weight in gold (especially when you’re in a new city and want to meet up with some local readers!).

5. Learn from your mistakes

I’m not afraid to admit that I make mistakes on a daily basis – but that is of course the only way to learn! Remember it is better to make a mistake and learn from it than to not try and never learn/grow.

6. Carry a Notebook (Always)

Those fantastic ideas tend to come out of nowhere and if you don’t reach out and grab them with two hands, before you know it the sudden influx of inspiration is all but gone. Carrying a notebook has been the biggest help in brainstorming new post ideas, new category ideas, and ways to move forward as a blogger and a brand.

My best blogging tips | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

7. Invest

They say you’ve got to spend money to make money and when it comes to blogging, “they” are totally right. One of the best ways to grow your blog organically is to approach it like a business internally. Don’t be afraid to invest your time and money into something you believe in – whether that means paying for more travels as a travel blogger or new garments as a fashion blogger.

8. Have a Writing Schedule

One of the best pieces of advice I found online early on in blogging was to have a writing schedule – and stick to it. This is a great way to plan content in advance and layout your posts to ensure you’re always keeping it interesting for readers, as well as a great tool of discipline for you.

9. Keep it simple

And by simple I mean clean – clean lines, a clear and easy to follow layout of blog posts, a simple text, and an easy to navigate site for new readers.

10. Spin Criticism

One of the first things I read when considering writing a blog was an article about criticism and how to deal with it. “Not to worry”, I told myself. “Who would have anything to criticise on a nice and friendly travel blog with the intent to help and inspire people?” How naive I was! No matter what you’re writing about and how good your intentions may be, people are bound to criticise your work for one reason or another (usually it says more about them than you). The best approach? Spin criticism into a positive experience and learn to distinguish constructive criticism (the kind that will actually help your blog) and birds (who fly in, shit on your blog, and fly away). The latter comments can be deleted as they serve no real purpose.

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11 months ago

love hearing about other teens who enjoy writing! Ignore that rude commenter, I really like your namea! I would do the-life-of-another-teenage-girl. Personally if choosing from the names you suggested, I would use that one! So here are some tips about writing a blog!

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