New Years Resolutions Worth Sticking To


Stop apologising for being yourself and just be


Immerse yourself in new experiences


Be kind to people who are unkind to you


Patience is strength, build it up


Plan your day the night before



Be your own soul mate


Leave bad situations


Make every day an adventure


Say thank you more


Be kind to your body, its the only one you are given



Look less at others and more at yourself


Give more than you receive, karma has a way of coming back to you


Write a list of places you want to go and go there


Smile more… way more


Learn to be happy in silence



Focus on the solution, not the problem


When all else fails, eat a tub of ice cream


When it comes to friendships: quality over quantity


Stop comparing


Let people go if you’ve outgrown them



You can google literally anything, ask google more


Read more about things that interest you


Go on more small adventures… to the beach, to the shop, to the fridge


Ask for help when you need it


Treat the people you love like diamonds, they are rare and priceless

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