Oxford Colleges to Visit

It is a distant dream of many to attend Oxford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Many of the world’s leaders, writers, artists and many more have attended colleges at Oxford University and it has an incredible reputation as a learning centre. As you walk through the streets of Oxford you’ll immediately been intrigued by what is beyond the gates or entrance doors, but the good news is you can visit many of the Oxford colleges! Here are some of the most popular colleges to visit and should you wish to apply to Oxford after your visit or just learn more about the process, here’s an article on How to Get Accepted into Oxford written by a student herself!

Oxford Colleges to Visit

Harry Potter

Christ Church College

St. Aldate’s 276150
Open every day except Christmas. Hall closed between 12pm and 2pm. Cathedral closes at 4:45pm. Admission £4/£3 when cathedral open, £3/£2 when closed.

Christ Church College is most famously known as “The Harry Potter” college around town, as it is here where visitors come to first and many make the trek out from London just to walk through these halls!

Don’t miss the Great Dining Hall, as it was this exact hall that inspired the set for Hogwarts Great Hall! The similarities are uncanny. Scenes from the film were also filmed here and on the grand staircase you will enter on. If you’re a Lewis Carroll fan, don’t miss Christ Church! It is here where Alice herself lived (yes, Alice was an actual person), as her father was the Dean of this particular college.

All Souls College

High Street 279379
Open 2pm – 4:30pm Mon-Fri, Free Admission
Official Website

All Souls College is very different to all the other colleges, as students can not apply, rather they are elected. Thus they are incredibly bright students with just as bright a future!

Lincoln College

Turl Street 279800
Open: 2pm – 5pm Mon – Sat, 11am – 5pm Sun. Free Admission.

Lincoln College was where Dr Seuss (actual name Theodore Geisel) earned his education. The front quad is particularly picturesque.

Magdalen College

High Street 276000
Open: October 1 – June 21 1pm – 6pm or dusk (whichever is earlier), June 22 – Sept 30 12pm – 6pm. Admission £3 / £2.

Pronounced “Mawd-lin”, Magdalen College is commonly referred to as the most beautiful of all the colleges in Oxford. Famous attendees include CS Lewis, Oscar Wilde and J. Paul Getty.

Merton College

Merton Street 276310
Open: Mon – Fri 2pm – 4pm, Sat – Sun 10am – 4pm. Admission Free.

Merton College is one of three original colleges built in Oxford and its’ attendees include JRR Tolkien and TS Elliot, among others.

New College

Holywell Street & New College Lane 279555
Open: Easter to early October 11am – 5pm Admission £2. Access via New College Lane gate.
Winter months 2pm – 4pm. Admission Free. Access via Holywell gate.

New College is architecturally very different to other colleges in Oxford and appears as more of a castle than an actual college! Famous attendees include Hugh Grant and Virginia Woolf.

Harry Potter College Oxford Oxford Oxford Oxford Bridge of Sighs

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