Rules unsaid: 12 Things you Should Never do on a Flight

Taking off with Virgin Atlantic

Maybe I’ve just been that unlucky person who always gets seated near a screaming child, trips over ever stray foot in the aisle, and can’t sleep through people lulling their head onto my shoulder like I’m a human-sized pillow. Maybe.

Or maybe there are unwritten rules – aka plane etiquette – that just aren’t followed nowadays.

So, what are they?

12 Things you should never do on a flight

1. Take both armrests.
2. Push your way through people once the plane has landed but not started offloading.
3. Put your bare feet on the seat in front of you – It’s just kinda (really) gross for the both of us.
4. Recline your seat at meal times – I hope you spill your dinner on yourself for that.
5. Take up more than your allowance in the overhead luggage – just plain rude.
6. Farting – needs no explanation.
7. Let your kids run wild and free throughout the aircraft like a stampede of elephants.
8. Missing a shower before the flight – I don’t even know what to say to this.
9. Persisting with a conversation when you know your neighbour doesn’t want to continue chatting – One headphone in = talk to me. Two = don’t you dare.
10. Letting your limbs slop over into the aisle – it’s annoying for everyone, not just the air hostess’.
11. Having a loud and obnoxious conversation – generally only terrible when it involves the ‘night before’ or ‘what (or who) you did in the summer’.
12. Needing to go to the toilet every half hour when you’ve picked a window seat.
Brooke Saward
Brooke Saward

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