The Best Travel Sweaters Money can buy right now

There are a few reasons I have been able to avoid travel burnout over 7 years of travelling for a career. One of them might not seem so obvious but I assure you, I haven’t survived these years without it.

The travel sweater.

The cozy, toasty, bundle of wool that acts as a friend in the most dire travel days. Especially on solo adventures, I can’t live without my travel sweaters. So here they are: the best travel sweaters money can buy!

Best travel sweaters | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

There’s no denying that long haul flights are not the most enjoyable part of travel. But armed with a cozy travel sweater you might actually sleep and at the very least, you’ll cuddle up to your plane window.

This scarf neck sweater from Mango is cheaper than cashmere but no one would know any different. If you prefer to travel in style but comfort is just as important, you may have found your match!

Mango have really got the monopoly on travel sweaters in terms of price – quality ratio. I’ve always found my Mango sweaters last a reasonable amount of time for a high street priced item. Go a size up for a model-off-duty look (and just an added amount of cosiness).

On the cheaper end of the scale, H&M do some great basic sweaters that will last the distance if hand washed and taken good care of. This turtleneck sweater comes in beige, taupe, dark brown, khaki and black.

If you seem to have “one of those days” every time you travel, look no further than this Home Alone sweater found on Etsy. It’s a bargain at $25 and is sure to keep you in a good mood as you travel the world.

Ever since travelling through Japan and realising how great UNIQLO do basics, I’ve become obsessed. The quality is much better than similar priced brands and I love that they keep it simple with their cuts and colour palettes.

Brooke Saward
Brooke Saward

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