The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight is…

That sudden urge to just pack up your bags and leave for a tropical island, weekend on the slopes or soul-searching month visit to Bali soon comes to a crashing halt when you realise it would be cheaper to fly to the moon next month than to take yourself up on that feeling of spontaneity next week.

Flight prices… the most expensive yet instrumental part of travel. So, when is the cheapest time to book a flight? All shall be revealed… down. to. the. day. 


The ugly truth is that a spontaneous weekend or week away is always going to cost you a fortune. For argument’s sake, pack your things and go on a road trip if money is a hassle in this instance.

But if you plan in advance, you can save hundreds of dollars on air travel.

All you have to do is book exactly 47 days before you fly.

Or at least, thats what had to say when crunching the numbers of nearly 5 million trips in 2014.

That’s seven weeks before you travel.

If you’re anything like me and seven weeks feels like an eternity to wait (ha! I do have a serious case of wanderlust), then there’s still some good news for you: Fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and by all means avoid Fridays and Sundays as they are the most expensive day to fly.

According to the study, booking within two weeks of travel will cost on average $111 more than if you were to book outside of that time frame. That’s approx. 55 more chances to eat a cheap slice of pizza or ice cream cone.

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