The Latest and Greatest Must Have Travel Accessories

I’m always keeping an eye out for the latest and greatest must have travel accessories to make my life on the road easier and more efficient. Right now, these are 5 travel gadgets I won’t go anywhere without.

1.  A Lifesaving Lifeproof iPhone Case

One of the products I won’t go anywhere without has served as a lifesaver to my phone for the past year – since splashing out and purchasing a Lifeproof Case, my phone is as good as new and doesn’t have a single crack. They’re a little on the expensive side (retails for $100.00), but for me this seems a better option than paying at least double that amount for a screen repair.

Camera gear technology

2. Lifetrons iPhone Lenses

I first came across Lifetrons products when I was flipping through an in-flight magazine (am I the only person who reads those things!?). The first thing to catch my eye was the iPhone lenses as I had already heard so much about them from other bloggers/instagrammers who swear by the ‘iPhone only’ rule. I now take nearly all of my photos with my iPhone and love having fun with the different lenses – especially the wideangle for landscapes and the fisheye when I’m feeling kooky (lens set retails for $77).

3. Fujifilm Instax Mini

Then there’s my other love: capturing the special moments on film. I became obsessed with my little Fujifilm Instax since day one and have been carting it around the world ever since. I love the idea that I can keep some special moments just for myself instead of sharing them online, and I think its a great way to savour those moments for your safekeeping. (Retails for $100).

All about that bass

4. Lifetrons Bluetooth Speaker

This is an unlikely suspect but believe me, this thing comes in handy when you’re stuck in a rut and just want to unwind for a couple of hours with a good sound system to set the mood. I use my Lifetrons speaker almost every day to listen to a good set of tunes whilst getting ready for the day, and in the early evenings for some background music whilst I work. It beats the ol’ laptop speaker any day. (Retails for $118 gold edition).

Tech gadgets for travellers

5. Lifetrons Power Bank

Last but not least, my lifesaving device. It will set you back about $200, but it will time and time again save you in those dire moments of needing battery life and not being able to plug in anywhere whilst in an airport, on a plane from the dinosaur age without power sockets, or even when you’ve just forgotten to charge overnight. I take this thing everywhere.

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