These 12 Beauty Products will help you beat Jet Lag

Look to beat jet leg and reclaim your skin? These beauty products will guarantee you combat tired puffy eyes with clear, glowing skin. Each of these beauty products I swear by and have been using to fight jet lag for years. Consider these your secret weapons to beat jet lag!

Beat Jet Lag with These Beauty Products


Consider this the recommendation from a friend you have skin envy over because if there’s one single secret being kept from you, it is this hydroactive cellular face oil. For obsession-worthy radiance and an abundance of superfood oils, this little bottle of youth is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Plus it lasts a log time – I’m 2 years into my first bottle!

When to use: Apply prior to the flight and let it marinate during the flight

Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil $45


As the name suggests, this moisturiser is built to make you glow from the inside out. This is a great pick-me-up to apply before you disembark the plane and will leave you looking refreshed despite the long-haul journey of air conditioning and dehydration!

When to use: Prior to boarding and when you land

Glam Glow Mega Illuminator $49


I first heard about this magical little device when watching Madelaine Petsch’ Youtube Channel (fellow vegan, fellow redhead…we’re practically sisters) and boy does it change the game of skincare. If you’re looking for a longer-term approach to revitalised skin, the nuface trinity will reduce signs of ageing and stimulate your skin for the day. To beat jet lag fast, you can’t beat this device.

When to use: Once per day as a morning ritual

Nuface Trinity Bundle $429


As someone who has always been on the fence about nutritional supplements, my recent foray into nutrition and naturopathy has left me wondering why I didn’t do my research earlier! There are a number of supplements I now swear by on the daily, starting with this vegan daily hydrator filled with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C + E (the latter being essential for glowing skin!)

When to use: Daily

Hum Nutrition Supplements $25


I’m yet to find any hair products that smell any better than Ouai – so much so that I’ve invested in the entire range! The dry shampoo not only smells great but will also give life and shape back to your hair after a long haul flight. It is the easiest solution to feeling fresh from tip to toe.

When to use: Just before you land, spruce up in the bathroom to feel fresh!

Oaui Dry Shampoo $24


The quickest way to combat dark circles is to find a serum that works for your skin and believe me when I say this is one of the best on the market. A high-quality serum should be in your daily skin routine where possible, but is essential when travelling frequently on flights and in airports.

When to use: Prior to the flight and within 24 hours of landing

Caudalie Correcting Serum $62


You’ve probably seen my relentless Instagram stories in my SKII face masks onboard planes. To beat jet lag, I promise you these masks work wonders. I swear by these >> one mask per flight longer than five hours. It has saved my skin over the years.

When to use: 30-60 minutes before you land

SKII Face Mask 6 Pack $95


Another ritual I follow is eye masks, though I do them less frequently and usually as a last cry for help to my skin! The SKII eye pads are the best in the business and if you suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles in the eye region, this is a sure-fire way to combat that.

When to use: During the flight

SKII Eye Mask $115


Sometimes skincare just isn’t enough and that’s where Tarte’s miracle-working concealer comes in. This really affordable concealer packs a punch and has saved me so many times to cover those blemishes and dark circles before you land to greet loved ones.

When to use: Before you land to hide the spots and dark circles

Tarte Concealer $27


If you want to take it one step further and add some coverage to the mix, I also adore the Amazonian Clay from Tarte’s foundation range. This is a BB cream with heavier coverage (but not as heavy as a foundation), so is the perfect post-flight spruce up without clogging your pores too much.

When to use: After the flight

Tarte Amazonian Clay $39


Vegan beauty has been making milestones of late and Arcona are leading the charge. I use these refreshing pads as a soft toner after cleansing my skin and they have the added benefit of providing moisture if you haven’t packed a moisturiser and are looking for a quick + easy solution (think the toner version of face wipes).

When to use: As a toner/moisturiser after cleansing your skin prior to or on the flight

Arcona Triad Pads $36


This is one of the most expensive brands of skincare I swear by, but I promise you these products are a lifetime investment and last a mile (I still use the same bottles I purchase at least two years ago!) This mist is the answer to so many situations for my skin: it brings a breath of fresh air to your face in any situation and I’d be lying if I said I don’t have this in my handbag at ALL TIMES! This stuff is pure magic. A cheaper option (half the price) and the product I used prior is the Tatcha face mist for $48.

When to use: I use this mist thrice per day (kinda obsessed), but you will soon see why… I can’t get enough of the stuff!

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist $90

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