These are the Cool Places in Marrakech you need to visit

On my recent visit to Marrakech I was floored by how much had changed. Of all the cool places in Marrakech I remember, ten more have popped up in their place.

I remember visited Marrakech about 6 years ago and falling in love with the culture and quirkiness of the Medina. Everything felt exciting, raw and unexplored. Today, Marrakech is one of the most popular weekend trips for Europeans and Brits. A lot has changed and despite losing some of that unexplored charm, it is mostly for the better. These are the cool places in Marrakech you need to visit, pronto:

LRNCE studio by World of Wanderlust

Heritage Berbere

This beautiful perfume store is located in the heart of Marrakech, just a few steps away from the Majorelle Gardens. This is an opportunity to purchase a unique scent to remember your time in Morocco.

Magasin General

If you are looking for antiques and collectibles in Marrakech, Magasin General is one of your best bets. The shop is owned and operated by a Belgian couple who have a keen eye for unique designs, textures and fabrics. If you’re looking for something to take home, this store is a mecca for design lovers.


Ceramic lovers will have a hard time leaving the LRNCE Studio without a suitcase full of goodies. For a long time I’ve watched the beautiful designs of Laurence Leenaert pop up on my instagram feed and it was my first port of call on my last trip to Marrakech. You can also shop online through the website with worldwide shipping.

Nour Bougie

Another great pick for home bodies, Nour Bougie is filled with beautiful soy candles, perfumes and aromas.

Les Maitres Du Pain

If you believe food is the key to your heart, then look no further than Les Maitres Du Pain. This French Bakery is where you will find some of the best sweets in town. Be sure to take home a box of Moroccan pastries with you!

La Famille

When you’re ready for a spot of lunch, La Famille is one of the coolest restaurants in town. The restaurant sits in an opulent garden inside the Marrakech Medina and feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the streets outside. This is the perfect respite from souk shopping and the food is delicious.

Atay Cafe

If you’re doing a cafe hop around town, be sure not to miss Atay Cafe. Not only is the good great, but you will also enjoy a beautiful view from the terrace and a much more relaxed atmosphere to the streets outside.

Le Foundouk

Looking to make dinner plans? Look no further than Le Foundouk. Located inside the labyrinth of the medina, this is one of the most sought after restaurants in town that even locals will tell you is one of the best. Expect a delicious, authentic meal true to the surrounds.

LRNCE Studio Marrakech | World of Wanderlust
LRNCE Studio Marrakech | World of Wanderlust

Bacha Coffee

After a visit to the Dar El Bacha museum, you cannot miss a pit stop at Bacha Coffee for an afternoon pick me up and delicious French pastries. Coffee experiences like this are rare to come by in Marrakech, so be sure to carve out time in your schedule for a visit.

Le Jardin Secret

There are few places engrained as deeply in my memory as Le Jardin Secret. This is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Marrakech and the mosaic details are out of this world.

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