This one time: Visiting A Ghost Town in Jerome


When I searched on Pinterest for some ideas of what to do in Arizona, I couldn’t help but to be intrigued by the many images of Jerome’s “Ghost Town”, a small town just a short drive outside of Sedona.

Ever the childhood enthusiast, I decided in an instant that I simply must make it a stop on my Arizona road trip — and so I did. Here’s what to expect when you visit Jerome’s Ghost Town…

Ghost town jerome Ghost town jerome Ghost town jerome

Visiting the Jerome Ghost Town

Jerome itself is a small town in the black hills of Yavapai County, Arizona. It won’t take long before you realise this town has a strong mining history: the town itself still feels like a timewarp of sorts and is quite interesting for a short lunch stopover.

But the Ghost Town is in fact just outside of the town, a little further up the road and into the hills.

Once you arrive, you make your way up a winding dirt path to the entrance and cough up a fee of $5 per person between the hours of 9am – 5pm. For something a little unusual and unlike anything else you’ll discover in the area, it is well worth the few bucks.

Ghost town jerome Ghost town jerome Ghost town jerome


More or less, the Ghost Town in Jerome is a junk yard of sorts. It is home to loads of old cars, trucks, and various other bits and pieces. It’s a good deal both ways – the owners are able to charge $5 a pop to enter, and guests are treated to a cheap and slightly humorous experience.

Why not?

Ghost town jerome

What Else to Do in Jerome?

There isn’t a whole heap to do to busy yourself in Jerome – but it is for sure a great stopover town for lunch.

The local fudge shop will serve as a great point of call for some sugar-to-go and you’ll find a range of small local cafes serving a decent meal.

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