Travel Resources You Need to Know About (to save time, money and stress)

Questions and comments are starting to come in by the hundreds (daily) and I can’t think of any better way to provide my travel insight than to create an ultimate Travel Resource List to help my readers with their future travel plans. Sure, if I could sit back and plan everyone’s travels for them I totally would! But sadly my time doesn’t allow for it (I sort of kind of need to keep working to stay alive and on the road) hah! So here’s the most comprehensive travel resource list I can gift you with, complete with my best tips and tricks to save you time, money and stress when booking your travel plans…

TRAVEL resources

Air Travel Resources

Skyscanner – It’s no secret that Skyscanner is my go-to website. But it may come as a surprise that I’m not paid in any way shape or form to say that – I just genuinely love the search engine so much and find it the best option available when looking for the cheapest and most suitable airfare! 

Which Budget – A comprehensive website that lists budget airlines by region.

To and from the Airport – This site serves the function it implies – suggestions for how to get from each airport to the city it is positioned in.

The Layover Guide – If you’ve got a long layover ahead, this site has complete airport guides to ensure you keep yourself busy to pass the time!

Last Minute – As the name suggests, a great choice for booking last minute flights.

STA Travel – Caters toward students and offers cheap student/youth fares.

Booking Hotels

Expedia – 90% of the time, Expedia have the best rates on all hotels (and if not they’ll price match). There are a number of hotel bookers out there, but this is still my favourite for reliability and being the cheapest choice with the most options.

Air BnB – This website enables users to book private rooms or whole apartments in cities of their choice. The website is now so extensive with its offerings that it is causing quite a stir for challenging traditional views on accommodation.

Insurance, Credit Cards, Money matters…

Travel Insurance – While each person will have different needs depending on their travel plans, I have personally had the best experience with Allianz Travel Insurance.

Credit Cards – Similarly this will depend on the individual, but I have thus far had the best experience with 28 Degrees Mastercard. There are no international transaction fees but you will be subjected to ATM fees (which were once waived but aren’t anymore – shame!!) If you’re looking for more options, the Flyer Guide is a great resource.

Currency Exchange – Before you leave, it’s a good idea to look into the currency exchange and familiarise yourself with the exchange rates. The best option for changing money is of course once inside the country, but steer clear of the airport exchange. Either opt to withdraw money at the airport ATM or exchange money once in the city.

Ground Travel

Rome 2 Rio – This could be the single most underrated travel resource there is. Rome 2 Rio will tell you how to get from A to B via air, land and sea. It will also tell you the estimated fuel cost, quickest route, cheapest… etc. Basically it is travel planning HEAVEN.

Seat 61 – A comprehensive website for travel info in Europe and Asia.

Megabus – Cheap bus tickets throughout North America.

Eurolines – Cheap bus tickets throughout Europe.

Work & Study Abroad

Teaching English – is a great place to start – standing for Teach English as a Foreign Language. This is one of the most popular choices to move and work abroad.

Study Abroad – A great resource for researching and finding places to study abroad.

Go Abroad – A great resource for those looking to research and find internships abroad.

Transitions Abroad –  A further options for students looking to study abroad.

Expatriates – This website is a community of expatriates living abroad and is a great transitional tool for now expats moving abroad.

VolunTourism – A great resource to start looking at volunteer abroad options.

Mobile Tools

Tripit – A great way to manage your travel plans in one great app!

Skype – An obvious one – but did you know Skype is a great app for your phone as well as your laptop? That way you can Skype anyone, anytime, anywhere!

XE Currency Exchange – Currency exchange is an absolute must if you’re venturing off abroad, particularly if you’re heading to more than one country. 

Kindle App – Particularly useful for long term travellers, this is a great way to be able to read multiple books anywhere, anytime… all on your phone! It saves the extra baggage of lugging books around everywhere and you can read a book to pass time anywhere.

Evernote – Evernote is a great app to make note of anything on your mind – inspiration, a quote, a though you want to remember. This app also syncs with your laptop so you can keep all your thoughts and random ideas in one place.

Bloglovin’ – Last but not least – one for the blog lovers! Bloglovin’ is an app you can go to at any time to read your favourite blogs in one place. You simply choose your favourite blogs to follow and can update your feed with a wifi connection. Ingenious! 


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