What to pack for Europe in Winter

Find yourself planning or packing for an upcoming trip to Europe? You and me both! Although at the time of posting we have officially just ticked over into March (Spring season), this month is still a particularly cold and wet month for weather. So I find myself searching for last minute wardrobe supplies in preparation of what to pack for winter in Europe, even though I will technically arrive in spring. And for those of you in the same boat, I’m writing to share all of my packing essentials for this time of year in Europe.

What to pack for Europe in winter

1. A winter coat

Regardless of the time of year, I always pack a coat when I visit Europe. Even in the summer you can have the odd cold day, but it always cools off at night. And if you are planning to visit Europe during the shoulder seasons, you can almost guarantee you will need a coat daily! But of course it is in winter proper when the winter coat is a non-negotiable essential. My top tip is to go for length when choosing a coat, as it will shield your legs from the biting cold winds.

2. Hair Accessories

Not many people think of hair accessories as an essential item when packing for a trip. But unless you’re spending every day in the ocean, you’ll need to tame the mane. And this being winter, we’re guessing you’re not. Now the trick is to make hair accessories a priority, so you can jazz up your ‘do without too much effort. No one wants to spend their entire holiday blowdrying their hair, so speed up your routine with these classics.

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3. A Tote Bag for daily use

If there’s one item I never travel without or skimp out on, it is a tote bag. I like to choose tote bags that fit everything in the one bag, especially my laptop (you’ll never find me anywhere in the world without it!) Tote bags are essential for plane travel days, but they also come in handy when you have an unexpected bout of shopping bags to carry.

4. A Good Pair of Walking Boots

It’s no secret I like to walk everywhere when I travel – my friends will tell you just how much! The truth is, you won’t get to see much of a city or experience it underground in the metro. So instead, I like to walk everywhere. Therefore an essential packing item in my winter wardrobe is a good pair of boots. I like to wear long boots, as they keep my legs warm throughout the day and shield them from the wind.

5. Jeans for every day

Another essential item I won’t travel anywhere without is a good pair of jeans. But if I’m truthful, I usually pack 2-3 pairs of jeans. They’re an essential item no matter where you are travelling, but I especially love having a couple of pairs of jeans on rotation for winter in Europe so that I never run out of options to mix and match. I always pack a pair of skinny black jeans and one pair of blue jeans, usually mom jeans.

Brooke Saward
Brooke Saward

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