What to know before you visit Prague

Prague has always been one of my favourite cities I have visited across Europe. There’s so much I love about this city including the architecture, hearty Czech food and lovely locals. But it is the unique fairytale charm that keeps me coming back for more. And it is this ethereal appeal that attracts so many visitors to the city year after year. So, what do you need to know before you visit Prague? Let’s dive in!

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Three Days in Prague is Enough Time to Explore the City

The beauty of Prague is that it is compact, easy to walk around and most of the points of interest are within such a small vicinity that you can see all the major attractions within one-two days. Add that with one magical day to explore without intent on going anywhere in particular and you have the perfect combination of three days in Prague. Got more time? Lucky you! There is plenty to see and do in this city beyond the major attractions, so this is a classic case of the more the merrier (maybe a beer spa sounds like your thing?)

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

The Architecture is Unlike Any Other City in Europe

With such a rich history and nothing short of a tumultuous past, the architecture in Prague shows you firsthand just how much this city has changed over the centuries. Nowhere is modern world history more prevalent than in the Jewish Quarter and thus you cannot leave Prague without walking around the neighbourhood and if you’re into history, be sure to join a free walking tour for an introduction to the history of Prague. Fair warning: these tours can be incredibly hard to fathom, given the modern world history of Hitler’s occupation in the city.

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

The Best way to get around is on Foot

The old town of Prague is a living history to be explored – incredible architecture, antique stores, cobblestone alleyways and so much charm you’ll struggle to capture the magic of Prague in words! The buzz of the city is enough reason to get out there and see the city above ground, though if you have a distance to walk between your accommodation and the Old Town, you can always use the metro to get from A to B (it is incredibly easy to use and cheap!)

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

There are some Attractions you Cannot Miss

Old Town Square

The historic square of Prague is not only the prettiest part of town but also the best insight into the cities’ unique history. The Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn sets the backdrop of the square which is one of my favourite places to people watch and pass a couple of hours wandering through the side streets and their merchants’ stores.

Astronomical Clock

Whilst in the Old Town Square be sure to visit and watch the astronomical clock as it comes to life on the hour.

Charles Bridge

Whilst construction started in 1357 it was not until the early 15th century that Charles Bridge was completed and became one of the top tourist attractions for the city of Prague. Be sure to wander across the bridge in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the evening without the crowds as it offers a completely different experience than the shoulder nudging on offer during the day!

The Lennon Wall

A tribute to Lennon and the many songs he penned with The Beatles, the Lennon Wall is one of the more heartwarming places to visit in the city (and especially nice to visit when you’re looking for a break from Prague’s harsh history!)

Prague Castle

Dating back to the 9th century, Prague Castle is a huge complex to explore and also hosts one of the best views across the city.

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

There’s a Cafe Culture that should not be missed

Cafe Savoy

If you want to step back in time to the Czechoslovakia days then look no further than entering the time warp that is Cafe Savoy. This beautiful old cafe is one of the most photogenic spots in town but be prepared to wait – it is arguably the most popular cafe in the city!

Cafe Slavia

Although a little less popular, the decor and vibe on offer at Cafe Slavia is arguably just as special. I love sitting by the window and people watching as the hour passes by, before picking myself up to continue my explorations on foot!

Visit Cafe Slavia

Cafe Louvre

Finally a third cafe to visit on your coffee-hopping tour of Prague is nearby Cafe Louvre; another of Prague’s most beautiful cafes.

Visit Cafe Louvre

Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST Prague at Christmas | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

Uber Exists in Prague

Although there is a great public transport system in Prague (especially handy if you’re on a budget), there’s always the option to Uber which is especially useful when you arrive at the airport late of an evening. Prague also has regular taxis but they are expensive and often the temptation seems a little too strong to scam tourists! Uber is a great alternative when you want to know the price before you commit – I used it the morning I was travelling to the train station very early when it was still dark and it was good to know I would arrive on time and for a fair price!


Only Change Money in Reputable Hotels or Withdraw From an ATM

Chances are you’ve already heard this from friends or family who have visited Prague, but just as a reminder be sure to listen to the legends (and quite frankly horror stories!) and avoid exchanging money at the “no fee” money exchangers all over the city. While they may not charge a fee they are a huge scam and offer very dismal rates – thus ripping you off of precious spending money!

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