What’s in My Carry On: Tech Gadgets for Long Haul Flights

There are tech gadgets, and then there are tech gadgets for long haul flights. I would not be nearly as happy a traveller if it weren’t for these few fab finds: the tech gadgets for travel that I just can’t go anywhere without. And better yet…. some of them you haven’t even heard of! Here’s what’s (always) in my carry on…

Bose Noise Cancelling

1. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Did you know that sleeping on a plane doesn’t actually allow you to reach a deep enough level of sleep to properly rest your body, due to the loud engine noises? Well of course you did, ‘cos you can’t remember the last time you actually walked off a long haul flight feeling well rested! My favourite trick to put myself to sleep on a flight is to put my set of Bose Noise Cancelling headphones on – headphones on, world off.

Brooke_Saward_FourSeasons 2

2. Apple Macbook Air (11 inch)

This is a little pocket rocket if ever there were one. It weighs nearly nothing, is small and compact, but I personally find it much more usable than an iPad/tablet. This is what I have been using to blog daily for nearly three years… and as such my letter keys are starting to rub off! But the computer itself still works absolutely fine.

Tip: If you need more storage, try an external “passport hard drive” for so much space you’ll never fill it!

This is Ground

3. This is Ground Everything Organizer

Have trouble keeping your cords, plugs, gadgets and tools in one place? Look no further than the This is Ground “Mod Laptop II”.

Epl7 Olympus

4. Olympus PEN E-PL7

After that perfect plane shot? I’ve been singing the praise of this little gadget for a while now, and I won’t stop any time soon! Having previously used DSLR’s to capture my travels, it has been the best decision ever to swap over to a small compact camera that still takes images of the same quality. Better yet, I get steadier videos from this little machine and love to use the little drop down screen when vlogging to ensure I’m in focus (and when you look at the drop down instead of lift up or to the side screen, your audience can’t see you’re looking at yourself)!!! Genius!

Battery Box

5. Battery Box (MacBook Charger)

Introducing: pure magic. One of the biggest problems I face when spending countless hours (sometimes up to 14 or more hours) in an airport is charging my devices, particularly when at an overseas airport I don’t have an adaptor for. Then I found out about battery box for Macs. All you do is charge it up, plug it in, and you have an extra 11 HOURS of battery life! This has been my lifesaver of late! It also charges iphones… if you needed any further reason.

Tech gadgets for travellers

6. Lifetrons Power Solution (iPhone charger)

If you like the sound of a battery box for your computer, you’ll love the lifetrons dual phone charger that gives your phone a whole new life (literally). I keep this in my handbag ALL the time, but it comes in particularly handy during long layovers.

Tech 6

7. Gorillapod

So how do I take solo travel photos? I’ve written a post about it, made a video about it, but what I have forgotten to share prior to this, is the ingenious gorillapod that lets me take the perfectly framed photo anywhere. 

Tech 3

8. LifeProof iPhone Case

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one iPhone case – the original and the best, by Lifeproof. This thing has saved my phone’s life so many times and even allows me to use it to answer my emails in the shower or take it under water and photobomb my own Snapchat. Yep, it truly is life proof.


Over to you! Are there any travel gadgets you simply cannot fly without!?
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