Where to soak up the London sunshine

I write this to you from the middle of a lovely green space in the South West of London under the shining sun. London is finally experiencing Spring weather and it really is glorious when the sun decides to come out. Londoner’s couldn’t shed their winter clothes quick enough as soon as they see a glimpse of those rays shining over the city. So I thought I’d do a little post to tell you where to soak up the London sunshine here in the city, in preparation for hopefully far more days like this to come.

eel brook common

1. Eel Brook Common and Parsons Green

Parsons Green is a beautiful little square, well technically triangle, of grass, off of New Kings Road, it’s a popular place for summer lunch breaks. Eel Brook Common is Parsons Green’s next door neighbour and much bigger sister. This park lies between New King’s Road and Fulham Road and is a gorgeous place to pack up a picnic and head to when the sun starts to shine. At the weekend it’s also fantastic for people and pug/expensive pedigree dog watching!

regents park

2. Regent’s Park

Located in North-West London Regent’s park is one of the Royal Parks of London. There’s a number of little cafes dotted around and plenty of space for lounging about, as well as lots of beautiful flowers in the summer. You won’t feel like you’re in the heart of a city once you’ve walked through the gates!

hyde park

3. Hyde Park

Probably one of London’s most famous parks, centrally located and HUGE. There’s plenty to do here, whether you’re wanting to rent a Boris Bike and go for a cycle or take a stroll to the Serpentine, a sunny day provides the perfect setting for exploring Hyde Park. The Serpentine Cafe serves delicious food and drinks if you’re looking for somewhere to eat there!

chiswick park

4. Chiswick House Gardens

This is my favourite park in London, it’s a beautiful green space, walled off from the rest of London. Chiswick House is located inside or you can take a seat near the pond and enjoy the sunshine with some afternoon drinks. I’ve definitely managed to stay all the way to sunset too, it feels like you’re a world away from the city once inside. In the summer there is often an outdoor cinema for you to enjoy, so if you’re heading to London this summer be sure to Google showtimes!

battersea park

5. Battersea Park

Just south of the river, opposite Chelsea, lies the beautiful Battersea Park. It’s situated by the river with a stunning path, perfect for a weekend walk or jog, right along the Thames, with views of the Shard in the distance. It’s also the perfect spot to enjoy the London sunshine with plenty of space to lounging around with a picnic. My favourite area is the sub-tropical garden, on a sunny day you really could be in a different country, be sure to seek it out when you’re there!



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