Where WOW Will Travel in 2015

Hello lovely people of the internet! How are you all doing? Great I hope.
Much like 2014, this year will be a big year of travels for World of Wanderlust – but before we get to the locations, lemme hit a few important notes. Firstly, I’d love to make this year first and foremost about you. One of the best parts of my job and that I take most to heart is creating a community for like-minded travellers, globetrotters, digital nomads, wanderlusters, dreamers (insert many other a word here) to come and find two things on this space of the internet: INSPIRATION & INFORMATION.
So if the whole purpose of WOW is to give my readers these two things, I figure there’s no point in me making a detailed plan of countries I will visit this year without asking a pretty important question (or two):

1. What do you want to see on WOW? More blogs, vlogs, video tutorials, photos, stories about people I meet, travel guides???

2. Where do you want WOW to travel in 2015 (and beyond)???


More than anything, I want to meet more of you in 2015. I recently told a newspaper publication that the best part of my job is meeting readers around the world, and I meant it. I love all aspects of travel of course, but its the people I meet on the road and how they impact my life – what I learn from them, hearing their story, getting to know them as friends, that means the most. Some of my best friends I have in my life now I have met in the past year travelling the world. In fact, I’d say its an equal spread of people I talk to on a daily/weekly basis between friends from highschool and friends I’ve met travelling. I even wrote a post about how blogging gave me thousands of friends around the world. I’d love to keep meeting more of you this year and making more lifelong friends… you can never have too many!!
Because I’m putting it back in your hands and asking for your help, I don’t have a very detailed travel plan for the entire year. I have completely planned and booked the next 3 months, but beyond that, the options are truly endless. I’ll go anywhere in the world, there isn’t anywhere I don’t want to experience at least once. So here’s where you’ll find me in the next three months:

Where WOW Will Travel in 2015

Bali, Cradle Mountain Overland Track, Tasmania, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Fiji

Some ideas of where else you might find me in 2015 (???)

South Africa, elsewhere in Africa, Nepal, Japan, Cuba, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Seoul, Mongolia, everywhere and anywhere in Europe, everywhere and anywhere in the USA.

 Why I’m avoiding making a long-term plan

2014 was amazing. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of things I experienced. I went on my first South African safari, then I was fortunate enough to go on a second one later in the year (ahhhh-mazing!), I went to New York and explored with a reader for a week, I ate myself Dim-Sum stupid for a whole week in Hong Kong, I sizzled in the Dubai heat during Ramadan, I sailed around the waters of St Barths amidst 10 days staying on the island, I spent a few days in Paris with one of my best friends and I moved to Berlin for a couple of months to see if I would like to live more permanently…. the list is truly endless. So. much. happened. in. 2014.
2015 won’t be any different.
But before I left on my year long journey last year, I had a plan. I knew I would visit all 6 continents, I knew the countries I would visit and had booked and planned everything well in advance. I was writing my book, ‘A Year to Myself’ (released very soon in the coming months), so I had an idea of exactly what I would do in that year.
This year I just want to go with the flow a bit more… take random trips, rock up to the airport with my bags packed and take the next flight out, go to cities I haven’t been and countries I could spend a couple of weeks exploring. I’d love to meet more readers and I’d love to just see where the wind takes me. Hence I only have the next few months planned and will continue to only plan a few months in advance each time. S’long as I’ve got my passport with me 24/7, I think I have a pretty fool-proof plan. Or at least, a plan to make plans.
But I’d love to hear from readers – where would you like WOW to visit in 2015!?
Do you want to see more reviews, more photos, more videos….?
Please let me know in the comments below & I can’t wait to meet more of you guys this year!!
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